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Country Blessings - Mark Keathley
Country Blessings is available in the following sizes:
18 x 24 /25.5 x 34 / 30 x 40

 Let your bare feet feel the earth as you are drawn into a world of simple living. No more rushing to fit it all in; instead, relax on the porch and enjoy the blessings of life in the country. I have created such a place for you to sit and enjoy so your heart can come home.

I am wanting to stay right on the edge of "this is my grandparents home place" and "I'd love to retreat to this spot." I'm trying to balance the natural look of a farm with all of its "stuff" and the park like setting we would like to believe is where we live, with the peaceful reminders that the simple life of the country is often where the deepest "blessings" are found.

-- Mark Keathley