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A Perfect Day - Mark Keathley
A Perfect Day is available in the following sizes:
18 x 24

Sometimes a walk on the beach is just what we need to bring us back to who we are. Observing the size and power of the ocean can make us feel how we should feel in this big world - small. Like a small child, we can enter into the wonder of dependence and trust, embrace the inner sense there is a bigger story going on which doesn't revolve around us, and then give into the adventure of joining into this larger drama rather than focus on our own. "A perfect day" presents one of these places where you can go to settle these thoughts and feelings, as you walk in the sand, look for creations treasures, and enjoy the elements that assure us this "other" story is one full of abundance and color, life and glory, even hope and direction.

-- Mark Keathley