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Heavenly Light - Mark Keathley
Heavenly Light is available in the following sizes:
18 x 27 /24 x 36

I wasn't sure what I'd name this painting until I painted a family into the picture. I was wanting to depict a "heavenly light" in this painting, causing what would feel like a very cold world to glow with radiant light. Then I found a photo of our friends, the Kneips, that I took many years ago, and the meaning became clear - the Light we long to see is the joy on the face of those looking at us. This truly is "Heavenly light" as it is a reflection of God's delight in us and as it is what is intended for each soul to experience. Lost in a cold and self centered world, we have the privilege of reflecting and reintroducing it to those around us.

~ Mark Keathley