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Mark Keathley's Companions
Companions is available in the following sizes:
18x24, 25.5x34 and 36x48

As an artist working at home, my wife and I have a unique relationship. We are together 24/7 and enjoy each others company all the time. You would have to know my wife, she is quite the lively one and lights up a room when she comes in, and she makes life very interesting. In my painting "Companions," I've portrayed Bonnie and me a century ago, in what I dream would start out as romantic ride out in the country where along the way we would have a whole lot of discussion regarding our kids, our future, our farm, and the direction our nation is going. We would end up giving each other a big hug, I'd say, "It's going to be alright," and she would respond, "as long as I'm with you." That pretty much sums up "Companions."
~ Mark Keathley