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Lake Solitude is available in the following sizes:
24x20 and 45x40

Modern life presents little time to reflect on the deeper things of the heart. With our busy schedules and flashy visual culture, the temporal and sensual world around us locks our attention in a numbing trance which actually feels like stimulating life, but the fixation on this physical and seen world keeps us from entering into a dimension of life which, if missed, will cause us to really fail to live at all. Let me put it another way -- come away to a place where you are invited to see the unseen, to experience the spiritual, to happen upon the eternal. It is a place of solitude and quiet, of rest and reflection where you can discover the true meaning of life - You were meant for something more important than the here and now. Come away to Lake Solitude and find your place in the Creator's heart.

~ Mark Keathley