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Evening Light is available in the following sizes:
18x27 and 24x36

High places are inspiring for human kind. The distant views and panoramas cause our souls to soar as if we were flying over the world below. For Millennia , there has been an inner draw to the highest hills or mountains where our view of ourselves in the world is transformed to being "above" it all. While some get a feeling of power in these places, I rather feel a bit smaller. Especially when I fly in a plane, I feel like I'm insignificant in the world - not in a bad way at all - rather in a humbling way where respect for the millions of other souls below can be seen and felt at once. When I stand at an overlook like this one looking into North Carolina from the highest peaks of the Smokey Mountains, my joy is elevated, my spirit is realized, and I sense a closeness with the Creator. It is as if I'm standing in a Gallery looking at his best work and saying "Wow!" I acknowledge that his creativity moves me and inspires me and makes me feel special because he made me with the ability to notice and appreciate it all - and all the while - being in his presence. In Evening Light, I hope you are drawn to the creator of the beauty that is before you - whether panoramic vista or some mysterious creature - it was all created just for you.

~ Mark Keathley