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Mark Keathley's Midnight Clear
Midnight Clear is available in the following sizes:
18x27 and 24x36

When a winter storm comes thru and covers the world in its blanket of white, I'm amazed at the magic of it all. All the mess of life is covered over - rusty farm implements, dead grass, fallen logs and limbs, trash and other unsightly things disappear; not to mention the atmosphere is so crisp and refreshing. One gets the sense that everything is clean and fresh, and you get to be the first to step out into the crunchy wonder. So many Christmas' ago, a birth happened that did even more magic! For the first time, the Spirit of the LORD had a perfect dwelling in his "only begotten Son" where he might take up residence and live a LIFE that was the design for every human since Adam. By this perfect Man, God would do a miracle where the stain of the world would become whiter than snow and everything would be made right. It is our privilege to "step into" the mystery of this whiteness - this purity- Which is "the" gift of all gifts. So on this fresh, crisp, clear night, when the ugliness of the world has disappeared beneath the blanket of snow, take a deep breath and step into the wonder of His Righteousness and enjoy for the first time the gift that came on this "Midnight Clear".

~ Mark Keathley


Mark Keathley's September Release.